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*quietly ignores the "Sorato" evidence above* I can't remember when I first began liking Digimon...I beleive it was during the Real World Arc in the first season, but over time I've come to luv the characters more and more. This is one of my absolute fav digimon pics, and I also posted it on my Anime Wall in my room. ^_^ (yes, I have an Anime Wall...)

The Missing Muses Saga, Part III: Digi-Quotes

As my new temporary muse is introduced, the Digidesteined of season 02 come together to pay homage to some of the best Digimon quotes of all time. Meanwhile, an attempt on the Authoress' life is made...twice....

A Night On The Town
The Boys Strike Back!
Anybody Seen That Fourth Wall?

A three-part Digimon Kareoke Saga. When The DD girls surprise the rest of the gang with a special performance, Tai, TK, Cody, Michael, and a reluctant Ken respond with a show of their own. And of course, we can't forget Davis, Joe, Izzy, and Matt, who become the "Digi-bishies" for their own number. Features the songs Lady Marmalade, I'm too sexy, My Baby, and an on-going game of wits and one-ups between TK and Kari that comes to a rather shocking end!

Where You Are

A Valentine's Songfic featuring the hit song by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lechey. It's mostly just a FLUFF peice, nothing more. Major Takari right here!

Traditional Superstitions

TK and Matt's parents are back together, and finally getting re-married! Ken, never having been to a wedding before, asks Yolei what to expect. Having been to so many, she readily explains some of the popular wedding traditions, which we all know, are merely superstitious...or are they? Partially based on a true story that *I* experienced, a cutsy Kenyako WAFF, with microscopic hints of Takari thrown in for no other reason than I wanted to.

A Night at the Inoue's

We've all been there before, girls. Stuck babysitting a bunch of little terrors with almost no end in sight. Poor Miyako (Yolei) has to go through that exact experience when she volunteers to babysit her younger cousins...who ultimately end up nearly tearing the house apart. Just when she thinks she can't take anymore, though, a "night in shining armor" comes to her rescue.... Written in one night, after a horrid babysitting experience of my own involving my younger brother's best friend, and his 7-month-old baby brother (I'm telling ya, they've even got the baby after me!). Kenyako Fluff.

Hakuna Matata

We never realize just what matters to us most until the threat of losing it forever becomes all-too-real....Ken must learn this lesson the hard way, and risk losing the one thing he treasured most in life if he can't forgive and forget his horrible past.... Features Ken+OC, this was an early fic I wrote before discovering the concept of Kenyako.

MST of "Davis' Revenge"

Part I
Part II

The Digidestined of both seasons 01 AND 02 come together on the Battleship Libra to MST a pro-Davis fic written by *Yuki* Obviously, contains some minor Davis bashing (more like teasing), but all in good humor.

"All Digimon Die"-the MST

You know, bashing shows, movies, characters, etc. can be fun at times...hey, even *I* have a few basher fics posted. But, for kami-sakes, people, there's a point where you just go too far. Jerry Springer went there, and now I leave it up to the Season 02 Digidestined to respond by MSTing his premiere anti-digimon fanfic. I suggest you not read this unless you have a STRONG stomache, because the fic gets pretty greusome.

Season 02, Episode 50--The way it *should* be

Many people were upset with the way season 02 ended, and I was one of them. However, rather than cry over it furthur, my already-over-active imagination went to work, creating an alternate way for season 02 to end. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what Episode 49-50 of Season 02 would have been like if *I* had written it....


As devoted as I am to 01 and 02 (not to mention, still upset at having to say goodbye to all my fav digidestined), the characters in Tamers were just too perfect for fic-writing material. Plus, once Ryo entered the picture, a GREAT plot somehow found its way into the show...seriously! It's as good as season 01, even.

My Valentine

My Premiere Tamers fic. A fluffly little Ruklee fic I wrote Post-Valentine's Day. Focuses mostly on a certain aspect of the show I found quite amusing. Also breif mention of Jurato.
Ain't It Funny?

Ain't it funny how a moment can just change your life, and you don't wanna face what's wrong or right? Ain't it strange how fate can play a part in the story of your heart.... (Ryruki songfic, with minor Jurato, Jenrya+Suzi sibbling fluff, friendships galore, and some humor as well)

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